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“Film is a collaborative endeavor. Same goes for television, commercials and the rest. No matter how smart or talented one person is, that person cannot do this stuff alone. And seeing that I am lacking in smarts and marginal in talent, you can only imagine how damn talented and bright people I work with must be. So let me introduce you….”

Mike Slattery

Mike has a long history in producing, starting as a featured talent in sports docs like the Warren Miller Film franchise, but quickly finding his interest in the production aspect of film making. To continue the creative process—and without having to live in Los Angeles—Mike turned a hobby into a business with High Surf Accessories, honing and polishing his production skills. While always keeping an eye on the ever-changing landscape of production, Mike’s been able to collaborate with Dana in some capacity over the years, notably with films such as “High Water” which was made in Mike’s backyard, Oahu’s North Shore surfing mecca. Dana Brown notes that, while Mike is a successful business man and a hell of an athlete, he’s creative and modest, never asking for credit even after helping immensely on many of Dana’s films. Well now comes the credit: Mike is the producer for Dana Brown films.

Nancie Brown
Production Manager

Nancie is the production manager and, in the words of Dana, the all around fixer. Her background as the daughter of Bruce Brown and the younger sister of Dana includes being part of the Brown family productions from an early age. Nancie is a renowned still photographer and has worked as top executive assistant throughout the process of making On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter. She simply gets stuff done well and with a smile.

Steve Matzinger

Steve, cameraman extraordinaire, is director of photography. He’s been shooting for over twenty years everything from big Hollywood blockbusters, to commercials, to television, to Dana’s films. He has traveled the world with Dana working in some extreme conditions, yet never fails to amaze with his work ethic and incredible eye behind the camera. His knowledge of all types of cameras and camera systems is beyond compare. He’s the first man Dana goes to on any job.

Andrew Boucher

After years of doing his own editing, Dana Brown enlisted Andrew Boucher to edit On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter, and the director was, “blown away” by Andrew’s eye, his dedication, and his dazzling ability to understand what the heck Dana wanted. Andrew can tell a good story very visually and he adds a real creative component.

Mark Collins, Dave Palmer, Wade Brown
The Music Team

Mark, Dave, and Wade each have a long list of credits, and each, attests Dana, can make you laugh . . . a lot. Mark is a music supervisor and his ear for tunes and his ability to get songs that would seem out of reach for smaller budgets borders on miraculous. Dave is a musician and composer with a list of credits and talent too long to mention here, but he is a magician in all forms of music styles. Wade is also a talented songwriter and guitarist and is always there for the perfect tune.

John Tipich
Assistant “Everything”

John is a great up and coming shooter as well as an editor who is conveniently as strong as an ox, so he gets used for everything as needed. Dana notes that “one day John will be running some big studio and we will be asking him for a job. But for now he is ours.”

Scott Rousseau

Scott, a long time magazine editior and writer, has an encyclopedic knowledge of action sports and knows how to compose a proper paragraph. He’s Dana’s go to guy for helping with fleshing out an idea or polishing a script.